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The Duties of the Bomb Squad

The render safe and disposal of explosive devices, suspicious packages, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and other hazardous items; 

Providing VIP protection for visiting dignitaries; 

Providing technical, operational and training support for various local, State and Federal agencies; conducts seminars for members of the CMPD and community members (business and individuals) about bomb threat response and safety. The goal of these seminars is to enhance individual awareness of potential explosive effects, proper reporting methods, search procedures, and to develop a proactive response to various types of threats.

Omni offers things needed in order for bomb squads to be able to accomplish their responsibilites.

**INSTANT ARMING*** Liquid & Activator Components Included.
Gallon Jugs available. These are for REALLY SERIOUS USERS ONLY! Ideal for LARGE EOD (like cars) and for the Oil Well Industry.

We have 15 grain, 18 grain, 25 grain, 50 grain, 100 grain and 200 grain det cord. Measured in grains per foot.

  Blasting Cap Assembly, with 3 foot (1 Meter) fuse AND IGNITER,
2 minute (minimum) burn time. This item ships as a DOT Class
1.4B Explosive via FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight.

  Blasting Caps, Fuse Type #8 strength
(dimensions: approximately 1-3/4” long x .250 dia)
This item ships as a DOT Class 1.4B Explosive via FedEx
Ground or FedEx Freight
  Sheet Explosive, 20 grams 480 grams total (.042” x 4” x 5”). 1 gram per square inch (C-1) UN0444, Charges Explosive Commercial, Without Detonator. 1.4D, PG II  

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